Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Compare and Contrast Post #42

Based on what you have learned throughout the year, complete the following:

3 similarities between American and French culture.

3 differences between American and French culture.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chez McDo Post #41

1. What do you think happened?

Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont fait? Post #40

What did the following people do?

1. Charles Blondin-

2. Pierre et Marie Curie-

3. Jacques Daguerre et Nicephore Niepce-

L'Elegance Post #39

What do Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Chanel have in common?

Jacques Cousteau Post #38

Jacques Cousteau was a French naval officer, explorer, scientist, and researcher who saw the importance in the preservation of marine life.

1. What did Jacques Cousteau help co-develop?

2. What was the name of the research ship operated by Jacques Cousteau?

Centre Pompidou Post #37

Centre Pompidou is a modern art museum and cultural center located in the heart of Paris. It is known for its modern architecture and street performers that gather on the plaza of this building. Many of these street performers (jugglers, acrobats, musicians, and mimes) rely on their special talents to make money.

1. What special talent do you have?

Les Fetes Francaises Post #36

Many holidays celebrated in France are also celebrated in the United States. Tell me the English equivalent for the following French holidays.

1. la Toussaint-

2. le Jour de l'An-

3. Noel-

4. Paques-

Les Vacances Post #35

Many French families take a vacation to Eastern France to visit the beautiful Alps. A trip to the Alps means lots of skiing during the winter and hiking during the summer. In some areas of the French Alps, you are able to find freshwater lakes where many people sail, swim, or sunbathe on their boats.

1. If you were in the Alps, what activity would you prefer to do?

2. Where would your ideal vacation be?

Chambord Post #34

This castle was the home of Francois le Premier. It is called "Chateau Chambord" and has 365 chimneys and a DaVinci staircase.
This is the double-helix (DNA strand) staircase that was designed by Leonardo DaVinci.

1. What is your impression of this castle?

La Jaconde Post #33

1. Who is this?

2. Who painted this painting?

3. In which museum does she live?

Mardi Gras Post #32

1. Which city in southern France is know for its Mardi Gras festivities?

2. What does "Laissez les bons temps rouler" mean?

Societe Generale Post #31

Visit the following website and read the article and then answer the questions:

1. How much money was lost in Euros?

2. How was this money lost?

3. How do you think this will affect the United States?

Punctuality Post #30

We often live by a schedule, trying to be at appointments on time and meet deadlines at work or school. The French also live by a schedule, but it is due to the fact that many of them use public transportation, which means they have to have their day planned out so they are sure to not be left at the bus or metro stop.

1. Is being on time important to you?

2. Do you like to follow a routine or do you prefer a varied schedule?

Dites-moi... Post #29

Give me an example of one thing that you have recently learned in class.

Chenonceau Post #28

1. Why do you think this castle was built over a river?

2. Who was Diane de Poitiers?

3. Who was Catherine de Medici?

Notre Dame Post #27

1. What fairytale character is said to live in the bell tower of this cathedral?

2. What is a flying buttress?

Edgar Degas Post #26

1. What do you think is going on with this woman?
2. What is one interesting fact about Edgar Degas?

La Cuisine Francaise Post #25

For the French, food is not just for nourishment, but a symbol of their culture. When it comes to the holidays or someone's birthday, food is always a key component.

1. What are some special foods that are particular to your family or to the Midwest?

2. When do you eat these foods? (on a certain holiday, birthday, etc.)

Les Vacances Post #24

During winter break in France, many people find themselves going to eastern France to the Alps to ski or to their family's vacation home to spend time with their family. During the winter break many of us will be traveling and visiting our families as well.

1. What are you going to be doing over the break?

Noel Post #23

In the United States families often hang stockings from the chimney which are to be filled with goodies; however in France, children leave their shoes next to the door in hopes that Pere Noel (Father Christmas) will fill them with treats.

As we continue to learn about French culture and family traditions we often think about traditions that we do with our own families.

1. What is one tradition that you do with your family during the holidays?

Smart Car Post #22

This is a Smart Car, which is very typical in European cities. They are a two-seat mini car that gets high miles per gallon. In France, gas is purchased by the liter (nearly $10.00 a gallon) so a small car or public transportation is often utilized. They are also easy to maneuver and park on small, congested streets.
1. Would you drive one of these? Why or why not?

Gargoyles Post #21

Gargoyles are typical of gothic style architecture in Europe.

1. What do you know about gargoyles?

2. What purpose did they serve?

3. What were they believed to do?

Architecture Post #20

1. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this building?

2. What do you think is inside this building?

France Post #19

As you continue to study the French language, you will learn more about French culture. France is a very unique country known for its strong influence in the fashion industry, cuisine, and history. Using the internet, answer the following questions about France.

1. What is the form of currency used in France?

2. What is the national anthem?

3. What are the three colors of the French flag?

4. What do each of these colors represent/mean?

Traditions Post #18

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that is celebrated by many families, which often have family traditions that they do each year on this holiday. All families, French or American, have special customs or family traditions.

1. What did you do for Thanksgiving?

2. What is a tradition in your family for Thanksgiving?

Advertisement Post #17

This is an advertisement from "L'illustration" from 1946.

1. What do you think this is advertising (trying to sell)?

2. Why do you think that?

Reflection Post #16

1. What is one thing that you learned about last week in French class?

2. Give me an example.

3. Why do you think this may help you as you continue to study the French language?

Lycee Francais Post #15

French students often study philosophy, geography and several foreign languages. These are often courses that are not offered in American high schools.

1. What are some courses that you would like to see offered at JHS?

2. Why would these courses be a good addition?

Ernest Hemingway Post #14

Ernest Hemingway was an American writer and journalist who lived in Paris for many years. While living in Paris he succesfully completed many novels and said Paris was very inspirational.

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."-Ernest Hemingway

1. What does this quote mean to you? Write a complete sentence.

2. Give an example of a literary masterpiece written by Ernest Hemingway.

Temperature Post #13

In the United States we use Farenheit when referring to temperature, but in French-speaking countries they use Celsius.

If it is 68 degrees Farenheit, what would that be in degrees Celsius?

To convert use the following formula: C=(F-32) x 5/9

Charles de Gaulle Post #12

List 3 interesting facts about: Charles de Gaulle

Where Am I? Post #11

There are two flags blended together in this photo. One represents a country and the other a province, both are located in North America.

1. Which country is represented by one of these flags? What is the symbol on their flag?

2. Which province is represented by the other flag? What is the symbol on their flag?

3. What are the two official languages of this country and province?

Which One? Post #10

We are often faced with many difficult decisions in life. One choice is usually self-satisfying for a period of time, whereas the other may be with you for the rest of your life.

1. If you had the choice to either buy a new car or go anywhere in the world, which would you choose?

2. Why did you make that choice?

3. Where would you go or what car would you buy?

Stereotypes Post #9

Stereotypes are assumptions made about a particular group of people, both positive and negative.

1. What are some characteristics that you would use to describe Americans, in general?

2. What are some characteristics that you would use to describe French people, in general?

3. What are some of the dangers of labeling a group of people (or society) based on stereotypes?

What Would You Do? Post #8

If you had the chance to go to France today...

1. What would be the first thing that you would do?

2. Why?

3. If you were able to invite one person to go with you, who would it be ?

4. Why?

What? Post #7

1. What is this?

2. Where is this found in a home?

3. Would you ever use one?

JHS Post #6

In France and the United States, many schools are named after famous people. A French school may have the name of a monarch or ruler such as Henri IV or Charlemagne. Think about schools in the U.S., is this a similar occurence?

1. What is the name of your school?

2. How did it get its name?

3. What is another school, that you know of, that is named after a famous person?

Heroine Post #5

1. Who is this influential woman?

2. Why is she important to the French people?

3. What happens to her?

Leelee Sobieski and Milla Jovovich portrayed her in two different movies.

The Obelisk Post #4

1. Where in Paris is this located?

2. Which country gave this monument to France?

3. What do you think it represents?

Petite Danseuse Post #3

1. Who sculpted this statue?

2. In which Paris museum can it be found?

3. What is this statue made of?

4. How old is this girl?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

La Guernica Post #2

1. What is the first thing you think of when you see this painting?
2. Who is the artist? (He was known for his abstract art)
3. What is the artist trying to express?
4. How does this painting make you feel?

Bonjour et Bienvenue Post #1

Your first assignment for this year is to make a blog entry. This entry should contain:

1. The reasons why you think the French language is important.

2. Why is bi-lingualism important in today's society?

3. What is a French word that we use in English conversation?

4. Tell why you are taking this French course and what you would like to learn this year.